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MI soon launch 360° Sphere Camera…Exclusive news…Dual Lenses…Sony Sensor…

We all know about 360° pictures, but now we can make our own 360° picture. It’s very simple with XIAOMI 360° Sphere Camera will be an innovation in the industry.

MI 360 Sphere Camera contains:

  1. Dual 190° fish-eye lenses with a wide f/2.0 aperture, stacked back-to-back to achieve the complete elimination of blind spots.
  2. 23.88-megapixels Dual image sensors from Sony. The size of each sensor is at 1/2.3″ and 16-megapixels. Combined resolution of both sensors will be 6912 x 3456, equivalent to 7K resolution.
  3. Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) with built-in 6-axis image stabilization technology.
  4. Dual Molded Aspheric Lenses. So, it has an advantage of correcting spherical aberration.
  5. 3.5K Super HD Panoramic Video Ambarella’s image processing technology enhances dynamic range. So, it eliminates noise and delivers outstanding color fidelity.
  6. Supports video recording at 3456 x 1728 @30fps & 2304 x 1152 @60fps.
  7.  IP67 Water & Dust Resistant. It also tested to work from -10°C to 45°C. So, you can be sure that the camera can handle whatever life throws at it.
  8. It has Battery capacity of 1600 mah which is quite better for the camera.
  9. Working temperature is -10°-45° C.

PRICE: Approx. $254


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