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CORTANA Based PROJECT DICTATE write your MS Office Documents

It will be nice when we got some help while typing some big MS Office documents. Whether it is power-point slides, excel sheets, word docs etc. we have to do a lot of typing work.


Here Microsoft launches new PROJECT DICTATE, a garage project.  It is state of the art speech recognition which is behind Cortana to convert speech to text. It uses speech recognition technology used by cortana. Speech recognition also used by Ili Language Translator

What features Project Dictate offer?

  • Supports more than 20 languages for dictation.
  • Real-time translation to 60 languages.
  • Commands like “new line”, “stop dictation” and “enter” to give more control while dictating.
  • Two modes of punctuations: Auto & Manual for English.
  • Visual feedback to indicate that speech is being processed.

Available Commands

  • New Line: Takes cursor to new line
  • Delete: Removes the last line you dictated
  • Stop Dictation: Terminates the dictation session
  • Full stop or period: Types period character (.)
  • Question mark: Types (?)
  • Open Quote: Types (“)
  • Close Quote: Types (”)
  • Colon: Types (:)
  • Comma: Types (,)

Download it at :