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Your Floor will always clean, Thanks to Roomba, the robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The days are gone when we manually clean the floor of our house, offices. There is a new advancement in the technology, robotics. This is just the beginning of Artificially Intelligent Robot, its ROOMBA, an advanced robot who clean the surface fluently. Its the most advanced vacuum cleaning robot.

What is ROOMBA?

iRobots is the US-based company mainly in the field of consumer robots. It has many products available i.e. ROOMBA- Robot vacuum, BRAAVA-the mapping robot, and MIRRA-the pool cleaner.  It is the high Performance, fully automatic family of vacuuming Robots. There are 4 members of this ROOMBA Family-

  1. Roomba 690- Available to buy on @ ₹43,300. Buy Now
  2. Roomba 890- Available to buy on @ ₹31,946. Buy Now
  3. Roomba 960- Available to buy on @ ₹49,900. Buy Now
  4. Roomba 980- Available to buy on @ ₹69,990. Buy Now


  • It can clean all type of floors.
  • It has more power for deeper clean.
  • Seamless Navigation with advanced sensors.
  • Always ready to clean with the battery up to 60 minutes.
  • It contains high-efficiency filters.
  • Controlled by smartphones.

Try Roomba. visit ROOMBA’s official website for more information on robots. This is the true robot vaccum cleaner which is like in the movie passengers.