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Hologram technology is here with Euclideon Hologram table

We may have seen the hologram technology in the movies like iron man, those technologies are just in the movies only and not available in the reality. But here is the Euclideon multi-user Holographic table makes that technology a reality.

Firstly, the meaning of Hologram is the 3-dimensional image formed by interference of different light source. It is the projected 3-D image look like a real object.

What is Euclideon Hologram table?

This is the table with integrated hologram technology. It can display an digital 3-D model of building, city etc with the ability to zoom-in and zoom-out with a single hand remote. The holograms can project up to 60cm high imaging or appear to sink a meter into the Table.

How does this Hologram Technology work?

It actually based on the existing algorithm known as “Unlimited Details”. It can scan the entire country map using laser scans and can store and process TBs of data.

Get more details about this product on its official website: Here