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No need to worry about Gym, Pocket Monkii, is here for you

What is Pocket Monkii?

Pocket Monkii is the Portable Fitness Device or a cool innovation for Travelers, Busy People, sports people and Gym Haters to workout whenever and wherever they want.

It is the portable easy to use fitness gadget which is the latest innovation in Kickstarter. It contains a portable fitness kit that fits in anyone’s pocket.

The dedicated Monkii app helps you to learn exactly how to do each exercise and each workout. It only takes 3 seconds to do the setup.

What are the key features of MONKII?

  • Innovative design and concept.
  • Universal door attachment helps you to mount it with any door.
  • Include training programs.
  • 200+ workouts and exercises available on Monkii app.
  • Available in 6 colours.

different colors of pocket monkii

10 Reasons why you should choose Monkii?

  1. Helps you to strengthen your body.
  2. It will Improve posture.
  3. It will increase flexibility and mobility.
  4. Also help you reduce weight
  5. Boost your productivity
  6. Increases stamina
  7. Raise your energy levels
  8. weights only 283 grams
  9. High quality  material used
  10. dedicated android and ios application

features of pocket monkie

For more details you can visit this page.