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Watch your snapshots live with Lifeprint technology

Every one of us wants to save good memories in camera and so they capture them in there smartphone, camera etc. and when we want to recall our memories than we just look at the snapshots. Lifeprint Technology is innovation, it isĀ  something different and will let you feel the memories as like its real.

What is Lifeprint Technology?

Lifeprint technology allows you to print and share live videos. It uses Augmented Reality to print the videos. The fundamental of this technology includes an inkless wireless printer, a film and supported android/ios app. It is the innovation in the field of photography.

How Lifeprint technology work?

The working of this technology is in 3 steps: Step1: Use the dedicated application to select the photo/video you want to print. The collection of photos/videos in the application include Apple Live photos and images from Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Step 2: Now with the help of printer the photo will print wirelessly using the wireless inkless printer. Step 3: Share the photo with anyone’s printer anywhere in the world and the person will print and scan the photos to get video of it.