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An innovative gadget…translates instantly what you speak!!!…its ili

What is Ili translator?

Ili is an instant translator that translate your words in as little as 0.2 seconds. ILI translator is optimized for traveling. That means it can help you when it comes to dining, shopping, finding transportation, and much more. By focusing on one thing, which is travel, we believe Ili is perfectly suited for your next trip’s needs.

Why Ili translator?

  • No wifi needed: You don’t have to run around trying to find out where to connect to the internet.
  • Stand-alone device: You don’t need to connect ili to your phone and worry about running out of battery.
  • Very Fast: Translate your sentences in as little as 0.2 seconds.
  • Portable: Ili is light and easy to carry. Wear it around your neck or store it in your pocket.
  • Highly Optimized: The software is highly optimized to perform translation instantly.
  • High-Performance CPU: Ili contains a powerful CPU and optimized travel software that comes with a massive library of useful travel phrases.
  • Compact Design: Using only the most important and powerful technology, we’ve managed to minimize space and make ili fit into the palm of your hand.



One way communication

Ili is the one-way translation is optimized for quick and efficient communication to help get you to where you want to go. ili works best for travel phrases that require short answers (yes or no, for example) or gestures (point and show).

One language per device

Right now, ili translator supports one language per device. Rest assured, we’ll be adding more languages in the near future which you’ll be able to add to your ili.

ili translator


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