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JIO Group Talk Hands-on Review || Best Conference Call App

Jio, the most innovative company in India, which already achieved milestones and provide us the High-speed 4G data at a most affordable rate. Jio is planning to launch many different apps to improve the way we use its whole IP-network. Jio group talk app shall be launch very soon, and we got a chance to use it before the launch.

What is Jio Group Talk?

It is the app which helps a user to make and manage conference call very easily, it allows the user to create a list of up to 10 members and call them simultaneously. It also provides many features like block other member blocks all other voice and become broadcaster etc. Watch the below video to know how to use it efficiently.

JIO has more than 20 applications available on the play store and is working on many more. A video created by A2D Tech Videos shows brief description of 20 JIO apps which are released, unreleased, beta etc.