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20 JIO Apps You May Not Know About || Hidden || Unreleased

Everyone in India know about JIo as leading, fastest, cheapest mobile network operator and gives internet in lot. JIO changed the era by offering cheaper 4G data with unlimited voice calls and other complementary apps.

Here is 20 JIO apps you may not know about or JIO didn’t yet promoted it yet. But these apps are really awesome and you must try it.

20 JIO Apps:

The above video contains the hidden apps of Jio which is either not launched or not yet promoted. Here are the:

JIO Meet

It will allow JIO user to broadcast the live video upto 25 people. This application will be mainly used for Retail and corporate businesses to inform something to the employee, i.e. it allows one person to create a video call which is one way from that person to all the other. It seem similar to Instagram Live.

JIO GroupTalk

This is the one which will be going to solve many issues for those who do conference call multiple times. This app will be going to provide you with the features to the conference call by selecting multiple people and connect them in one go. It will also give a user to a mute single participant or broadcast feature etc. Currently, it is not available to public use.

There are many more apps and watch the video for all those in details. visit to know more about Jio.