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An innovation in battery charging technique created by an Indian- A2DWEB

As we all know, this generation is moving rapidly towards technology, smartphone, laptops etc. now become a necessity, and required more energy to operate. The issue with the smartphone is they don’t have enough battery capacity.

An average smartphone battery has the capacity of 2500 mAH, which is not enough to work fluently for the whole day. In order to overcome this issue. An Indian Innovator & Researcher, Mr Bilal Ahmad Yatoo currently living in Srinagar, Kashmir.

What is Automatic Mobile Charging Circuit all about?

Is smartphone battery charging possible without any charger attached to it? Well, yes!!! It is possible…

A new invention by Bilal is focused on hassle-free automatic mobile battery charging when active or connected with mobile networks. This is the revolution in the way of charging the battery using the power from the mobile network.

This invention harvest energy i.e. electricity from EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) from the radio wave of the mobile network. This invention has the potential to charge any electronic gadgets like smartphone, laptop, tablets etc.

Here is the block diagram of a circuit which generates electricity.

automatic battery charging by Bilal Ahmad

How will it affect us?

Well!!! This technology will save a lot of our time, money and energy and always powers up our devices so that we will never disconnect from the world. It will generate energy from the waste radiations of EMI.

automatic battery charging by Bilal Ahmad

It is similar to the technology announced by Reliance JIO i.e. JIO JUICE


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Bilal Ahmad Yatoo
Innovator, Researcher.
[email protected]
Cell no: +91-9419548626
Srinagar Kashmir