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Advancement in the field of touch with this Ultrahaptic Technology

As we know the touch technology become so common nowadays that almost every gadget is using it including smart-phones, tablets, smart-watch, laptops etc. But now a revolution in this technology is on the way. Here is the Ultrahaptic technology- A touch without a real touch.

What is Ultrahaptic technology?

It is the technology which is changing the way we are familiar with the touch. It uses ultrasonic sound to create rich, three-dimensional shapes and textures that can be felt, but not seen. It gives the real power of touch without even have to touch the screen. It also uses leap motion.

It currently have 3 products which anyone can get to develop its application or to try it.

  1. STRATOS™ Inspire haptic module
  2. STRATOS™ Explore development kit
  3. Touch development kit


  1. Automotive
  2. Industrial, Medical and public interfaces
  3. Marketing and Advertising
  4. Smart Home
  5. Workplace
  6. VR, AR

You can get more details about it here: