A spray can make any surface into touch Screen. How? Its Electrick!!!


What if any surface, any object in front of you act as a touch screen for you.

Here it is possible with just a can of spray paint or a bucket of paint, researchers can now turn flat surfaces of any shape or size —ranging from walls to furniture to even musical instruments or a toy — This paint can turn into touchpads, according to a new study by Yang Zhang, Gierad Laput, Chris Harrison.

What is Electrick?

Its Low-Cost Touch Sensing Using Electric Field Tomography. It is a low-cost and versatile sensing technique that enables touch input on a wide variety of objects and surfaces, whether small or large, flat or irregular.

“The technology is very similar to how touch screens work,” said Yang Zhang, a Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII). “When the user’s finger touches on an electric field, it will shunt a fraction of the current to the ground, and by tracking where the shunting of the current happens, we can track where the user touches the surface.”



Here is the attached Research Paper  http://yang-zhang.me/research/Electrick/Electrick.pdf