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A spray can make any surface into touch Screen. How? Its Electrick!!!

What if any surface, any object in front of you act as a touch screen for you.

Here it is possible with just a can of spray paint or a bucket of paint, researchers can now turn flat surfaces of any shape or size —ranging from walls to furniture to even musical instruments or a toy — This paint can turn into touchpads, according to a new study by Yang Zhang, Gierad Laput, Chris Harrison.

What is Electrick?

Its Low-Cost Touch Sensing Using Electric Field Tomography. It is a low-cost and versatile sensing technique that enables touch input on a wide variety of objects and surfaces, whether small or large, flat or irregular.

“The technology is very similar to how touch screens work,” said Yang Zhang, a Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII). “When the user’s finger touches on an electric field, it will shunt a fraction of the current to the ground, and by tracking where the shunting of the current happens, we can track where the user touches the surface.”

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Here is the attached Research Paper