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Now anyone can send money just by sending E-mail

Till now we can send media files like photos, videos, audios, gif, zips etc. via E-mail. But not money. So here is the way we can. Google has announced a precise way to send money using Gmail for Android to anyone via E-mail.

send money using gmail

This feature is already been introduced in the web version of Gmail. Just we need to tap on the $ sign in the Compose Window. Now its arrived for Gmail for Android i.e. for the smart phone. This feature works by using google wallet feature.

To send money, we simply need to click on the attachment button(top right side) and tap Send Money (we can request money too). Recipients can receive that money without installing any extra app, which is the best part of it when we need to send money to our relative who can’t be bothered to install any additional app.

send money using gmail

Right now this feature is only available in the US and only to Android users. No updates for iOS and Windows phones but hope for this feature to be launch soon.