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Leaker Locker|| Android Ransomware || Leak Data || How to remove it?

After Petya Ransomware, now it’s Android ransomware which excites the mobile user. Here we are talking about new ransomware named Leaker Locker.

What is Leaker Locker?

It is the ransomware which is now in the list of trending viruses.

Leaker Locker not only has the capability to lock the files in mobile but it also leaks sensitive data. Here sensitive data means your browsing history, Messages, pictures and other important data. It also sends this data to your contacts and other peoples.

How it Spread?

Accidentally it was spread via 2 infected  Android apps available on Google Play Store.

  • The first malicious app, Wallpapers Blur HD, has been downloaded approximately of 10,000 times. It has requests permissions such as calls, reading and sending SMS, access to contacts, and much more.
  • The second malicious app, Booster & Cleaner Pro is an easier target, the apps of this kind require almost every permission in your phone and so users may without aware of giving permission to.

How to avoid it?

  1. Never provide unwanted permissions to an app which seems no use of permission.
  2. Do not install any apps from unknown sources.
  3. Verify Apps before installing. Settings>Security Check verify apps option.

Leaker Locker

How to remove it?

There are not many ways to remove this virus. Here is the only way to get rid of this type of ransomware by removing that app.

Using Safe-Mode is the only way to remove the infected application. You can run safe-mode by long pressing power-off option. See image below…

Leaker Locker