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Never put laptop on your LAP!!! It is very dangerous for you || Use Protection Chip

LAPTOP, a daily use term with its own meaning and this iconic term doesn’t suit its meaning. As a laptop is a very dangerous while using on our lap. Researchers are warning laptop companies that they need to change the name of the product to protect user’s health.

Holding a laptop so close to our body is same as holding a mobile close to head means the radiation flows directly into our body—and into some of our most vital organs which can result in the end of person’s healthy life.

If we measure the electromagnetic radiation levels of a normal laptop on a gauss meter, we’ll find that many of them have higher levels than 200 Milli-gauss where safe ranges are less than 0.3.

Here is a short video by enviochip to describe how electromagnetic radiations effects our health and how can we prevent it.

Computer manufacturers also warn about it. We may notice that there are something like warning written on the back or in the manual that “Warning: Do not block the outlet of fan grill. Place the machine on hard surface only. Caution: This surface is hot. Avoid body contact and do not place this notebook on your lap while it is operating.”

It affect our health in below ways.

  • It effects our reproductive health. A study says that direct use of the laptop on human sperm was published in January 2012 in Fertility & Sterility, showing a significant decrease in sperm motility (movement) and an increase in sperm DNA fragmentation.
  • It effects our eyes and raditions will become double when it is plugged in and is put on our lap as some research says.

A simple test to prove effects of radiation.

Watch the video to understand that it really effects our nerve cells.

How to protect from these LAPTOP radiations?

laptop protector

It’s clear that for protection from thermal radiation, we have to keep the laptop off our lap and away from all our vital organs.

Secondly, we should be cautious in using it.

For non-thermal radiation, the easiest and most effective thing to do is to get laptop radiation protection. It will worth buying as it can save us from real danger.

Here is the link of a certified radiation protection chip that I recommend that you should use it.

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