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Secrets of JIO Prime…FAQ…Terms & Condt…Must Read before buying JIO Prime Membership

There are things hidden behind JIO prime membership that all JIO customer should know before purchasing JIO prime membership @ Rs.99.

JIO Prime Secrets

  • JIO offers free call to all network, not unlimited calls to other network. Means JIO only provide free unlimited calls on JIO superior all 4G- network. It means you will get free calls to other network but not unlimited.          jio-voice-fup
  • Student offer prescribed by JIO previously in which a student will get 25 % discount on all plans. It will not work for those who subscribe for JIO Prime
  • In JIO HAPPY NEW-YEAR offer, customers get unlimited data at night from 02:00 AM to 05:00 AM. But from 1st April 2017 this scheme will not work. It means no one can get unlimited data at night, no more smart downloads according to JIO official
  • Also after subscribing to JIO prime membership you shall also be restricted to switch on portable hotspot. JIO said in its Terms & Conditions.

    “RJIL reserves the right to restrict number of devices that may be connected to the user device when used as a personal hotspot and such restriction whenever applied will be communicated from time to time. At present, there is no restriction on number of devices that may be connected to the user device when used as a personal hotspot (also known as tethering).”

    It means everyone should have to use there own data plan.

  • If you will not recharge for any plan after 31st March 2017 then JIO calling, Internet etc. stop working. Only Incoming call and sms will work only for certain period. Calls are free but you should have to recharge minimum of Rs. 149

So, Share this JIO Prime Secrets to all your friends…so that they will also be aware of that.

Soource: JIO Terms & Conditions, Jio website.