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JIO PRIME: How And Why To Become Prime Member in JIO?

jio prime member

What is JIO Prime membership and why to become JIO prime member?

Here are some benefits of JIO prime membership.

The Benefits of all the plans to JIO Prime member will be doubled or more.

You may get unlimited data in some plans as part of prime membership.

With JIO Prime Membership, you will get unlimited data, call, sms with recharge of Rs. 303 whereas non JIO prime members will get only 2.5 GB data per month under same scheme.

How can You become a JIO Prime Member?

New JIO Plans under PRIME membership

jio prime member plans

JIO categorized his plan in 3 sub-categories



jio-rs-149-planjio-rs-303-plan   jio-rs-499-plan


jio-rs-96-plan jio-rs-49-plan jio-rs-19-plan


jio-rs-999-plan jio-rs-1999-plan jio-rs-1999-plan jio-rs-9999-plan



Video Credit: ArshChhajer Tech News (YouTube Channel)