JIO Prices Reduced!!! ₹448/84 days 1.5 GB/day and many more


Reliance JIO recently reduced the prices of JIO plans prepaid. New JIO Plans also have increased the validity and high-speed LTE data. Before then we have limited variety of plans available.  Now we have 18 new plans for Prepaid and 5 plans for postpaid.

NEW JIO PLANS & JIO Recharge Offers

There are many new JIO plans introduced for the prepaid customer, here are the details of all the plans available.

JIO Recharge Plans Prepaid

Jio categorized the plans in 7 Groups based on Data and Time.

1 GB/Day

  1. ₹149 for 28 days with 28 GB h/s data post unlimited  @64kbps
  2. ₹349 for 70 days with 70 GB h/s data post unlimited @64kbps
  3. ₹399 for 84 days with 84 GB h/s data post unlimited @64kbps
  4. ₹449 for 91 days with 91 GB h/s data post unlimited @64kbps

1.5 GB/Day

  1. ₹198 for 28 days with 42 GB h/s data post unlimited  @64kbps
  2. ₹398 for 70 days with 105 GB h/s data post unlimited @64kbps
  3. ₹448 for 84 days with 126 GB h/s data post unlimited @64kbps
  4. ₹498 for 91 days with 136.5 GB h/s data post unlimited @64kbps

2 GB/Day

  1. ₹299 for 28 days with 56 GB h/s data post unlimited  @64kbps

3 GB/Day

  1. ₹509 for 28 days with 84 GB h/s data post unlimited  @64kbps

5 GB/Day

  1. ₹799 for 28 days with 140 GB h/s data post unlimited  @64kbps

There are more plans available i.e. Sachet -Short period plans and Long-Term Plans which are not so much required.

jio plans 2018


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