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Get Google Daydream or Playstation VR for Free by Immersed

In this World, we all know that Virtual World is also created….Its Virtual Reality by using handsets like Google daydream , Google cardboard, etc. We can play games in VR by using PlayStation VR etc.

But what stop us?

Its the price of the handset, we can get those handsets at much higher costs and also require high end smartphones

Like Google Daydream is exclusively available on FLIPKART for around ₹6,499 .

Similarly, PlayStation VR separately costs us on FLIPKART around ₹36,470.

Now I want to let you know that you can get all these stuff- a t-shirt, Google Daydream, PlayStation VR absolutely Free.  Now,  the question is

What is

Watch this video to understand about . What this technology is all about?

How can You get Google Daydream for free?

Now there is a small task you have to perform.

  • You will have to sign up for BETA program by visiting this link Note: After signed up you will get an email, you have to verify that e-mail
  • Now,  that you have signed up will have to refer to other people. You can get the link on the page.
  • Share that link with other and after certain no. of invites you will get these products for free.