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An innovative portable Air Conditioner, its evaSmart by Evapolar

What is Evapolar?

Evapolar is the smart, portable cooling system which creates our own personal microclimate. It cools the surrounding air. It humidifies the surrounding nature. It also purifies the air and gives you the freshness anytime you want.

There are 2 products in Evapolar:

  1. evaLIGHT EV-1000: It is the low-cost lightweight air conditioner. It is available on @₹25,266. Buy Now. The core features are:
    1. 750 ml water tank
    2. weight 1300 g
    3. up to 3 m2 cooling area
  2. evaSMART EV-3000: It is the advanced version of the air conditioner with some smart features like:
    1. 1300 ml water tank
    2. weight 1820 g
    3. up to 4 m2 cooling area
    4. Wi-Fi connection
    5. SMART Home solution

How Evapolar Work?

It works in a very simple way. What you have to do is to add water to the tank. Once the tank is filled then connect the power using a type-c cable through either power outlet o power-bank. Then within just 10 minutes, this innovative gadget is ready to give you full cooling effect. It’s easy.