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How to earn money ₹50 just by searching on Google|| Latest Trick 2018

So, here I am sharing the latest way to earn money, not by doing some work like freelancing, data entry but by using this way you can earn money just by searching on the internet. Yes, you can earn approx. ₹50 by searching on google, youtube, Wikipedia etc. This can be done using Presearch- An open search Engine.

What is Presearch?

As we know that there is only one search engine which controls more than 90% of the searches on the Internet. In order to get that data accessible to everyone, Presearch is an initiative to create an open search engine which can be controlled by a community.

So, In order to expand this community, they give us money to search on the internet using Presearch. Basically, They are going to give us 0.25 PRE for every search redirect through there website and on a day we can search upto 32 times. This means we can get 8 PRE  daily, which then convert to INR will get us approx. ₹50/DAY @ 1 PRE=₹6.5 (may vary according to market)

How to earn money using presearch?

Here is the simple steps to earn money using Presearch.

Just you need to create 2 accounts

  1. :

And Follow the steps I had done in this video below.