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The bFan® Bed Cooling System: Innovative Cooler | Eco friendly | Restless Night Sleep

The days to use heavy Air Conditioner is over. Now you can feel cool at night by using this amazing innovative fan.  Watch the video to better understand.  The expected price will be approx. $145.

Why bfan?


  • The bFan ® Bed Cooling System is for people who want to save money on their air conditioning bill and not go broke trying to sleep cooler.
  • The bFan ® Bed Cooling System is for people who are hot sleepers and really want to sleep cooler or have cooler sheets at night.
  • The bFan ® Bed Cooling System is for women who suffer from the effects of menopause including night sweats derived from hot flashes.
  • The bFan ® Bed Cooling System is for people who have a medical condition that causes their body to get hot at night and want to sleep cooler.
  • For people wanting to take advantage of the huge health benefits obtained from sleeping cooler.


The bottom line is that almost everyone will benefit from the bFan® Bed Cooling System. Whether you are a hot sleeper just trying to get a good night’s sleep or looking to gain maximum health benefits as well as lowering your electric bill, the bFan ® Bed Cooling System is for you. Many people have been able to lower their electric bill by as much as 50%