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Make any laptop touch without a touchscreen…AIRBAR

Can you believe if someone says to use touch in laptop without any physical touchscreen available. With increase in innovation, yes, it is possible to use touch in any laptop. The device is knows as AIRBAR. A plug-n-play device which help you to use touch in any laptop without the need of touchscreen.

How it Work?

Air-Bar projects an invisible light field on the surface of the display that makes it possible to “touch” the screen & easily interact with Windows® 8 and 10 gestures. This is all thanks to Neonode’s zForce AIR technology, which can be used for all sorts of cool stuff. The reason that you can use anything to “touch” is that the light field reacts to any disturbances.

How to use?

Air-Bar is plug-n-play device means you are not required to use any unwanted software or drivers to be installed on your device. Also no matter what the size of your laptop is 13.3 inch, 14.0 inch, 15.6 inch. This cool stuff is available in 3 variants of different size 13.3 inch, 14.0 inch, 15.6 inch.

Technical Specifications-AirBar


  • Display Size Supported: 15.6”, 14.0″, 13.3″ with an aspect ratio of 16:9
  • Width: 5 mm
  • Length: 373 mm (AirBar 15.6”)
  • Height: 17 mm (requires 20 mm mounting surface for 3 mm between AirBar and display)
  • Cable length: 243 mm
  • Weight: 55 g

Air-Bar in Action


From where to get it?

It is available on amazon at just Rs. 6,343. Click to buy.